Moms & Neighbors began as a small group of local mothers who wanted to contribute to their communities in a very tangible and personal way. Dissatisfied by large non-profit organizations whose administration, geographic coverage and comprehensive visions diluted the donations, we sought a way to touch and feel our contributions. 

As we met, we all realized that we had all faced challenges in our lives. Whether they were financial, medical or familial, we had all felt vulnerable and alone when these events occurred. This is particularly true of mothers.

Our goal is simple. We help deserving families or teens facing hardship in school district 196. We work closely with our local school counselors, social workers and church advocates to provide these families or teens with assistance they truly need while respecting their privacy. Assistance can range from grocery and gas gift cards, clothing, to payment of an overdue bill. Though what we give varies as much as our recipients' needs, it is always rewarding and surprising to see how powerful an anonymous act to kindness can be.