Families and Teens we helped this month:

1.  We helped a family of 5.  Dad is in school and has a part time job.  Mom had to take a 6-8 week nonpaid leave to go care for her mother while she is going through some medical procedures.  M & N assisted the family with groceries, gift cards, etc. 

 2.  We assisted a teen who is living with their parents.  The student has a part time job and dad was employed by the state to take care of the mom. The mom passed away, so now the dad is unemployed.  M & N helped with gift cards for groceries and gas.  The counselor also that it would be nice to get them movie tickets so the teen and their dad could go to a movie.

 3.  We helped a family whose son in elementary school has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Along with the little boy being diagnosed with cancer, the Mother is currently in the ICU due to having heart complications. She recently had heart surgery to remove fluid that is occurring for an unknown reason. They are currently testing her to find a diagnosis.  M & N helped with gift cards to Cub and holiday.

4.  A blended family of 7. Mom is employed part time and dad was employed full time until he lost his job.  They were living check to check before the dad lost his job.  Now one of the children is currently hospitalized and they may be stepping up responsibilities caring for an elderly relative.  M & N helped with grocery and Walmart gift cards