September 2016

posted Oct 7, 2016, 6:52 PM by Kristen Henning
Families and Teens we helped this month:
1. A single mom with 6 children. The mom is currently pregnant, having difficulties with her pregnancy and unable to work. She fell behind on some of her bills. She will be able to get back on her feet after she returns to work. M & N assisted with part of the rent.

2. A single mother with 5 children had a stroke, while in the hospital, they discovered a hole in her heart. M & N gave the family Cub gift cards.

3. A family with 2 children. The mom is taking care of the husband who has terminal cancer. M & N gave the family Cub and Walmart gift cards.

4. A teen couple who are expecting a baby. The girl goes to school full time and works full time. The boy quit school to work full time. M & N gave them Walmart gift cards and Maternity clothes.