April 2016

posted Aug 19, 2016, 6:30 AM by Kristen Henning
Moms & Neighbors
Families and Teens we helped this month:

1.  We helped a single dad with 2 high school students.  The dad works over night shifts.  There is very little water pressure in their home, which makes it hard to shower or get their clothes clean.  M & N helped with groceries and are in the processing of trying to get their water pressure fixed.

 2.  Moms & Neighbors will be donating to the Summer Loaves Program.  It is a program that helps feed over 500 students during the summer.

 3. We helped a family where mom is working, but the dad lost his job and is currently looking for a new one.  This has put a lot of stress on the family.  M & N helped with groceries and gift cards for gas and food.

4.  We assisted a family of 5 where mom and dad both are consistently employed working minimum wage jobs.  A few weeks ago, the mom had a baby, but had to have heart surgery. All seemed fine, but he died from an infection at 9 days old.  M & N helped with grocery, gas, and Walmart gift cards.

5. We helped a teen who is couch hopping to be able to stay at school and graduate.  This teen is self-supporting and has worked for the same man for 5 years—since he was 13! He has been diligent, steadfast, and relentless in both the work he does, and in the relationships he’s built through this work. Works 40 hours a week. As a full-time high school student as well, he goes above and beyond in his classes, completing independent projects and studies, and earning the opportunity to attend “enrichment” each term—enrichment is an “reward” for those that go above and beyond.  M & N gave him gas cards, groceries, and walmart gift cards.