Families We Have Supported

April 2017

posted Sep 10, 2017, 5:38 AM by Kristen Henning

Families and Teens we helped this month:
1.  Single mom with seven children. Mom has had a stroke, she also has cancer and has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. There are many medical expenses. M & N paid their electric bill and gave them gift cards to Cub and Walmart.

2.  A family with 4 children.  Primary caregiver unable to work due to significant, documented needs of youngest two
children.  M & N gave them a gift cards to Walmart and Aldi.
3.  Single mother of 3 with medical issues; limited support and financial means. They needed winter gear.  M & N gave them a gift card to Walmart.

4.   A family of 4.  Teen trying to adjust and cope with parent illness; adjusting to increase in independence now
that parent is physically and emotional pre-occupied with medical diagnosis/treatment;
continuing to attend school despite issues at home.  M & N paid for the teen to get a birth certificate so they can pursue work and gift cards for gas and Target.

5.  A family with 4 children.  The mom is sick with what sounds like a degenerative disease, and the family is really
struggling to make ends meet. Dad works really hard as a mechanic, but with 4 growing boys,
and mom being very sick and unable to work, it has cause major emotional and financial stress
on the family.  M & N gave gift cards to Aldi and Cub.

6.  A single mom with 2 children.  This family is hard working, but has had a hard time making ends meet, and then has been a victim of abuse on top of that. They are currently homeless because their prior living situation was not safe.  M & N gave a Walmart gift card.

7.  A family with 3 children.  Mom is concerned about being evicted from home. She works full-time and the dad lost his
second job. The other job was part-time but he is now able to get full-time hours, but won't get
paid soon enough to pay rent. The landlord knows that they are trying to figure out how to stay
in the home.  M & N paid 1 months rent.

8.  A single mom with 6 children. 3 have disabilities.   The refrigerator went out. The family does not have money to replace this item. Mom is keeping the mortgage paid and taking care of everything. Parents are divorced. Dad does not 
pay child support regularly. Mom sub teaches when she can.  M & N got them a refrigerator.  

9.  A single mom with 2 children.  The mom is working full time and was working towards a higher grade of dental hygentist when house fire happened and ruined study materials and money orders.  M & N helped pay a portion of her back rent.

10.  A single mom with 1 child.  The mom has a BA with a minor in child development, but lost her job in December.  The child was just diagnosed with a few disabilities.  M & N helped with her mortgage payment and gave a gift card for gas.

11.  A family with 1 child.  Both parents are working low income jobs.  Car repairs depleted their cash and they eventually had to get rid of the car.  The place where they will doesn't receive bussing to school.  They are looking at an apartment has bussing.  M & N gave them a deposit for an apartment.

12.  A family going through divorce with 5 children.  Mom is working full time with no support from the dad.  She is struggling to make ends meet.  M & N helped with some of the utility bills.

13.  A single mom with 4 children.  The mom is not able to work because of medical reasons.  The backseat in the car is broke.  M & N paid for the car repair and gave her gift cards for grocery and gas.

January 2017

posted Sep 10, 2017, 5:37 AM by Kristen Henning

2016 Moms & Neighbors Holiday Giving By the numbers...

$23,595 Estimated Value of all Holiday Gifts
$13,610 Value of Gift Cards being distributed
$1,600 Dollars raised by a single group in support of Holiday Giving
518 Slots in Sign Up Genius
118 Rolls of Gift Wrap provided so families can wrap their own gifts
75 Total Gift Baskets
51 Families and Teens who have had a rough year
50 My Pillows donated by the founder of the company
28 Local Schools and Org.’s represented in Holiday Giving Families and Teens 27 Teens receiving gifts of kindness (and baskets too)
23 Volunteers to sort and prepare the gifts
15 Families and Teens who have struggled with homelessness in the past year 10 Teens who do not have a parent living with them
Years Moms & Neighbors has been providing Holiday Gifts
Neighborhood and Bunco groups joining together to donate
Sports Teams and Scout Troops donating
Complete families sponsored by a single group
Expectant mothers getting gifts

Community Made Stronger by this Effort!!!! 

November 2016

posted Nov 29, 2016, 10:42 AM by Kristen Henning   [ updated Nov 29, 2016, 10:49 AM ]

Families and Teens we helped this month:

1. We helped a family with grocery gift cards and gift cards to a few restaurants, as they deal with the sudden death of the mother.

2. We helped a family pay for rent for their housing. The mother recently got a new job that resulted in the loss of section 8 assistance. With the delay of the first paycheck, the family fell behind in the bills.

3. Moms & Neighbors helped a family pay a utility bill. The mom just started a 2nd full time job, while the dad stays at home with the younger child. One of the children has special needs. A car repair put them behind in their finances.

September 2016

posted Oct 7, 2016, 6:52 PM by Kristen Henning

Families and Teens we helped this month:
1. A single mom with 6 children. The mom is currently pregnant, having difficulties with her pregnancy and unable to work. She fell behind on some of her bills. She will be able to get back on her feet after she returns to work. M & N assisted with part of the rent.

2. A single mother with 5 children had a stroke, while in the hospital, they discovered a hole in her heart. M & N gave the family Cub gift cards.

3. A family with 2 children. The mom is taking care of the husband who has terminal cancer. M & N gave the family Cub and Walmart gift cards.

4. A teen couple who are expecting a baby. The girl goes to school full time and works full time. The boy quit school to work full time. M & N gave them Walmart gift cards and Maternity clothes.

April 2016

posted Aug 19, 2016, 6:30 AM by Kristen Henning

Moms & Neighbors
Families and Teens we helped this month:

1.  We helped a single dad with 2 high school students.  The dad works over night shifts.  There is very little water pressure in their home, which makes it hard to shower or get their clothes clean.  M & N helped with groceries and are in the processing of trying to get their water pressure fixed.

 2.  Moms & Neighbors will be donating to the Summer Loaves Program.  It is a program that helps feed over 500 students during the summer.

 3. We helped a family where mom is working, but the dad lost his job and is currently looking for a new one.  This has put a lot of stress on the family.  M & N helped with groceries and gift cards for gas and food.

4.  We assisted a family of 5 where mom and dad both are consistently employed working minimum wage jobs.  A few weeks ago, the mom had a baby, but had to have heart surgery. All seemed fine, but he died from an infection at 9 days old.  M & N helped with grocery, gas, and Walmart gift cards.

5. We helped a teen who is couch hopping to be able to stay at school and graduate.  This teen is self-supporting and has worked for the same man for 5 years—since he was 13! He has been diligent, steadfast, and relentless in both the work he does, and in the relationships he’s built through this work. Works 40 hours a week. As a full-time high school student as well, he goes above and beyond in his classes, completing independent projects and studies, and earning the opportunity to attend “enrichment” each term—enrichment is an “reward” for those that go above and beyond.  M & N gave him gas cards, groceries, and walmart gift cards.

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