Moms & Neighbors respects the trust our donors demonstrate when they contribute to the families and teens we serve. We strive to maximize both the impact your donations have as well as minimize costs that reduce that impact. None of our officers or associates are paid, we are all volunteers as are the vendors that support us.

Our members contribute time, money and material goods on behalf of the families and teens we serve. As members, we pay or strive to get any administration costs donated to keep our overhead as low as possible. In 2012, operating costs were $90, while in 2013 they were $50. This means that 99.9% of your donation will be used in direct benefit of the individuals we serve.

We welcome your donations and offer two convenient PayPal options; a single donation of any amount or a recurring monthly option. You can use most major credit cards and do not have to be a PayPal user to donate. If you prefer to donate in alternate ways, please contact us to discuss.
Thank you for your generosity!

We will protect your privacy to the full extent of the law and will never share, sell or distribute your information without your expressed permission.

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."

IRS Exempt under 501(c)(3) Tax ID: 27-2290512